ESC - Engineering Software for Christ

Software-Engineering Interns for Church and Mission Organizations

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There is an undeniable need for more computer knowledge in the mission field, and, more generally, in the Christian community. There are also major obstacles to making this happen. Technology is complicated, and, without special training, many people don’t understand it well enough to even fully understand what it can do for their organizations. Even should they decide on a project, it is difficult to vet a potential consultant or engineer without fairly in-depth existing knowledge of their work. On the engineers’ side, mission groups rarely fit into the standard cursus honorum for a tech worker. They offer few internships, their voices do not sound loudly in the world of resume points or recommendation letters, and they do not explicitly advertise as teaching new technologies or ways of working.

ESC is designed to provide a bridge between these two groups. We help host groups clarify the projects they have in mind and develop them into one-off summer internship programs. At the same time, we recruit undergraduate computer science students and train them in basic missiology. The students then spend the summer with their host groups, receiving room and board in exchange for their technical expertise.

We are currently seeking organizations to be part of our first cohort. If you’re a small group that understands the potential of computers in the abstract but isn’t sure how to harness it concretely, get in touch at pmkielstra[at] We’re excited to work with you!